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Procurement Guidance Documents

by Kate Hiller, Legal Team Manager On 26 March 2024, the Cabinet Office published a number of guidance documents to accompany the Procurement Act 2023 and the Public Procurement Regulations 2024 that were laid before Parliament the day before. At first glance, they do appear quite helpful.  It is appealing that they are all relatively […]

Applications for Adverse Possession

by Kerrie Culverwell, Senior Property Solicitor Following from Helen’s article concerning encroachments onto Council Owned Land. I thought it would be helpful to discuss adverse possession – which Helen notes as being a potential consequence of encroachments that are left unchallenged. Often referred to as “squatters rights” adverse possession is the act of occupying another’s […]

Encroachments onto Council Owned Land

by Helen Lisney, Legal Officer Encroachments onto Local authority owned land are surprisingly common – e.g. some people whose houses back onto parks, open space, or fields owned by councils seem to think it is perfectly acceptable to increase the size of their gardens by moving their fences to incorporate the extra land. It is […]

A blog from our Senior Property Solicitor

by Kerrie Culverwell, Senior Property Solicitor As I start to wrap up for the eagerly anticipated Christmas and New Year break, it is also an opportunity to reflect on the last seven weeks of my starting with North West Leicestershire District Council (NWL Legal). My previous role was also in a Local Authority, but this […]

The new world of Legal Apprenticeships

by Kate Hiller, Legal Team Manager This year we embarked on recruiting our new trainee and found that the world of legal qualifications had changed, and we were now looking for a legal apprentice.  With support from our colleagues in HR and our chosen training provider, we navigated our way through a new way of […]