Code of Conduct Training

by Rebecca Elliott, Contracts and Commercial Solicitor

The Legal Services Team has been out on the road delivering Code of Conduct training to Councillors across the District.

This has provided an invaluable opportunity for new and returning District and Parish Councillors to get up to speed with their obligations under the Code, in particular in relation to Pecuniary and Non Pecuniary Interests, Bias and Predetermination. Failing to comply with the code of conduct can have serious repercussions for Councillors, in some circumstances resulting in a criminal conviction, so it is important that Councillors know how they can ensure they are compliant.

The sessions so far having sparked interesting discussion, particularly in relation to bringing the Council into disrepute and when a Councillor is considered to be acting in their capacity.

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Code of Conduct Training being delivered by Rebecca Elliott, Contracts and Commercial Solicitor